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Details vom 08.04.2023, SA (Zum nächsten anstehenden Konzert)
ANN VRIEND & Band (Soul & Blues) VK 15,- / AK 18,- EUR;


  • Gewinnerin Maple Blues Award 2017 "Cobalt Music Prize" für Komposition und Aufnahme von "All That I Can"
  • Veröffentlichung der EP "Everybody's different" - #1 der CJSR-Charts (Edmonton), #5 bei Soundslike Café (Australien), #19 der CKUA-Charts (Kanada), #90 der North American overall campus charts
  • Siegerin des landesweiten Wettbewerbs "She's The One" beim Ottawa Bluesfest
  • Nominierung für Sängerin des Jahres bei den Edmonton Music Awards 2017

Hurt People Hurt People [Lyric Video]

Everybody Matters- [Official Video]

AV (Ann Vriend) feat. the Sifton Elementary School Choir - It's Happening

AV (Ann Vriend) All That I Can - [Official Video]

Real Love [Official Video]

Anybody's Different [Official Video]

Ann Vriend (AV) Will You Be There [Official Video]

AV (Ann Vriend) - Get Back To Me [Official Video]

AV (Ann Vriend) - Real Love [Official Video]

AV (Ann Vriend) - A Need So Wide (You're The One) [Official Video, Lyrics Included]



“Holy wow! What a voice, what a performance.... She had a commanding stage presence and a control of dynamics that actually made my jaw drop making me grin like an idiot.... if you have not heard of her, get on that, because she was absolutely phenomenal!” -- The AU Review (Australia)

Ann Vriend is known most for her soaring, evocative, Aretha-eque vocals, and not far behind that for her abilities as a songwriter, both lyrically and melodically. Plus she ain’t too bad at the piano, either. With a compelling combination of defiant resilience and heartfelt vulnerability she delivers her unique brand of gritty, inner-city soul-- and sometimes quite the funky old-school dance party.

Coming from a humble background on Edmonton’s east side, and for the past decade calling Edmonton’s troubled and somewhat notorious inner city neighborhood of McCauley home Vriend does not shy away from difficult social issues. Instead, she contributes her own Canadian brand of RnB in the rich tradition of soul artists who have delivered stunning recordings and performances that are both contagiously fun AND socially thought provoking, while never preachy or simplistic, such as Curtis Mayfield, Ray Charles, Sly Stone, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, and all the way up the line to Janelle Monae and Beyoncé.

Often compared to her vocal hero, Aretha Franklin, Ann Vriend also kills it live, having sold 18,000 albums off the stage independently. A consistently critically acclaimed artist she is also known for assembling a live band that is the admiration of all "musician's musicians," and is an award-winning performer AND songwriter, having won the “She’s The One” performance contest at the Ottawa Bluesfest, as well as the 2017 Cobalt Music Prize at the Maple Blues Awards for her gospel style ballad “All That I Can,” to name a few accolades.

AV’s latest offering, the May 2017 released EP “Anybody’s Different” reached #1 in AV’s hometown of Edmonton on CJSR, #13 on CKUA (and though only an EP also made the Top 100 albums of 2017); the Top 10 on Stingray Blues channel from August – October 2017 and the tune “Will You Be There” reached #11 for 2017; #2 on SoundslikeCafe (Australia); and daily rotation in Cole grocery stores (Australia). AV has also been a guest on such esteemed shows at CBC’s Vinyl Cafe with the late Stuart McLean, as well as Holgar Petersen’s “All Natch’ll Blues,” Germany’s Arte TV, and Australia’s prime time “Spicks and Specks.”

Equally comfortable and inspiring in a “shut-up-and-listen” solo/duo rooms as she is with a full, heavy funk band Ann Vriend has recently split her performances and recordings into 2 projects: 1 being “Ann Vriend;” the solo/duo acoustic soul, blues, and roots performer, and the other being “AV;” a louder, dancier presentation, focused on heavy rhythm section grooves, and full RnB production. Between the 2 projects Vriend’s early 2018 schedule includes tours of Japan, Australia, continental Europe, and Canada. She will have new recordings released under both projects throughout the 2018 calendar year.

Stated forcefully by the Toronto Star: “Don't miss her.” (3.5/4 stars)

Anstehende Konzerte
17.09.2022, SA      Chotsch - Klezmer, Lieder und Geschichten, VK 15,- / AK 18,- EUR;  20:30 Uhr
24.09.2022, SA      HISS (Polka 'n' Roll) VK 20,- / AK 23,- EUR;  20:30 Uhr
08.10.2022, SA      Andreas Diehlmann Blues-Band  20:30 Uhr
14.10.2022, FR      LAESSIG (Trio) - Unplugged Live on Stage, Eintritt frei - Kollekte;  20:30 Uhr
15.10.2022, SA      Rhyna (Cover: Rock & Pop-Klassiker) VK/AK 12,- EUR  20:30 Uhr
22.10.2022, SA      Electrified Soul (Blues) VK 12,- / AK 15,- EUR  20:30 Uhr
29.10.2022, SA      SouSoul (Soul & Funk) Eintritt 10,-EUR;  20:30 Uhr
05.11.2022, SA      7sins (mit Cindy Möck) - Soul, Pop, Rock, VK 10,- / AK 12,- EUR  20:30 Uhr
19.11.2022, SA      The Soul Refrigerators (Funk & Soul), Eintritt 10,-EUR   20:30 Uhr
25.11.2022, FR      Sommerwind (Cover-Songs vom Feinsten) Eintritt frei - Kollekte;  20:30 Uhr
26.11.2022, SA      Dampfkapelle (Deutsch-Rock & Blues) Eintritt frei - Kollekte;  20:30 Uhr
10.12.2022, SA      THE ROARING TOMTITS (Rock & Pop unplugged) VK 10,- / AK 12,- EUR;  20:30 Uhr
17.12.2022, SA      POPCORN - Die Legende kehrt zurück! Eintritt: VK 13,- / AK 15,- EUR;  20:30 Uhr
27.01.2023, FR      Oropax (Experimental-Show) Abend1: VK 15,- / AK 18,- EUR;  20:30 Uhr
28.01.2023, SA      Oropax (Experimental-Show) Abend2: VK 15,- / AK 18,- EUR;  20:30 Uhr
25.03.2023, SA      Blue Deal - Southern Black Forest (Blues)  20:30 Uhr
01.04.2023, SA      79 SoulClub (PowerSoul), VK 10,- / AK 12,- EUR;  20:30 Uhr
08.04.2023, SA      ANN VRIEND & Band (Soul & Blues) VK 15,- / AK 18,- EUR;  20:30 Uhr
15.04.2023, SA      RABAZ & Missy Bee, Rock & Roll-Country-Folk, VK 12,- / AK 14,- EUR;  20:30 Uhr
30.04.2023, SO      DISCO DELIGHTS (Disco-Hits der 70er-Jahre) VK 12,- / AK 15,- EUR;   20:30 Uhr